There are a lot of different outfitters in New Zealand. And most can do an adequate job of taking you hunting and getting you some trophies.

So why should you book with Reel Hunting?

Because in our way of thinking, "adequate" isn't enough when you travel halfway around the world on a hunt you may do only once or twice in your lifetime.

Of course, it goes without saying that the hunting should be great. You can look us up in the record book for verification of the quality of trophies our clients take every year. mike&julie But we think a hunt should be more than that.

What is Reel 1x1 Hunting?

Many of the most well-known outfitters in the South Pacific are quite large, handling dozens or even hundreds of clients a year. If you book with a large outfitter, you'll be housed in a lodge environment along with several other hunting parties, guided by one of several young PHs. Is there anything wrong with that? Not necessarily. But it's not how we--Mike and Julie Hodder--do things.

We only host one group at a time, so you, or the two of you, or your family has our undivided attention while you're guests in our home.

Every evening Julie will prepare meals for you that rival those found in the finest restaurants anywhere in the world (many of our clients say "even better").

When it's time to go hunting, Mike will guide you. He's hunted around the world, and he considers his clients too important to leave to someone of less experience and skill.

We won't hold you to a rigid timetable. We're completely flexible, willing to plan a hunt the way you want it, not according to some kind of "package."

If a quick tahr or chamois hunt is all your schedule permits, no problem. If you'd like us to take you on a month-long adventure across the South Pacific, let's go!

And above all, we will have fun. After a hard day hunting, we'll sit around the fire over a fine bottle of New Zealand wine, if you wish, and trade stories (ask some of our clients about Mike's jokes). For the non-hunter, there is a wealth of things to see and do, personally guided in Julie's incomparable way.

We welcome any questions you might have, so call, fax or e-mail. We are happy to provide a long list of references, too. We're looking forward to planning a one-on-one Reel hunt for you!

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