The French-speaking island of New Caledonia offers one of the most enjoyable and exotic hunting experiences in the South Pacific, with the largest huntable population of Javan rusa deer in the world. We take several record-book trophies every year, and you will have a chance to look over dozens of trophy-quality animals.

We maintain exclusive hunting rights on several private concessions that offer a chance at an outstanding head. Beware some of the "cheap" New Caledonia hunts you may encounter!

New Caledonia allows you to combine superb hunting with the delights of a tropical island, making it an ideal destination for couples.

We hunt from July into October. You can expect the days to be warm, sometimes hot, and the evenings pleasant. Days are generally sunny, with occasional brief afternoon showers.

French is spoken throughout New Caledonia, but English is common. You will find New Caledonians to be extremely friendly and helpful.

Accommodations are in comfortable resorts or hotels. Upgrades to world-class seaside resorts are possible if you wish. The island has outstanding diving, snorkeling, golf and beaches. Noumea, its cosmopolitan capital city, offers great French cuisine, fine hotels and great shopping.

Most airline connections to New Caledonia are through Auckland, New Zealand, so you can easily combine a New Zealand hunt with a week in New Caledonia. Please see our price list for details.

Please note that New Caledonia is very touchy about firearms and insurance. Refer to our "general information" page for details.